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1985 BSMSP Marine Studies Implementation Guide

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Published Date : 01 June 1985

Product Code : 1985 BSMSP

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Original 1985 Brisbane South Marine Studies Project sample workbook.

This is the original workbook (unedited and with RAW details).

Describes programs where Benowa, Keebra Park, Woodridge and Merrimac State High Schools in conjunction with the Jacobs Well Field Study Centre and Gold Coast Institite of TAFE combined to develop a multidisciplinary Science and Marine Vocational Education Program on the Gold Coast.

The aim of the project was to provide Marine Studies notes suitable for teachers and students to use in the classroom as well as model resources including a building and boats, work programs, teacher inservice, assessment instruments and a subject association to promote the subject around Queensland and Australia.

Teachers Information

Three programs were developed in these years.

A. Curriculum development

An Education Queensland Marine Studies Syllabus was written in 1984 from the project which provided a framework for Queensland schools to develop work programs. This was supported by Education Queensland at State and Regional levels.

The Curriculum Development Program built on the STAQ Marine science notes and sought to put low cost booklets into student's hands.

A practical teacher resource manual was also developed which was used to explain the booklets and to assist the teacher by providing sample R.O.S.B.A. (Review of School Based Assessment), specific objectives, examination papers and excursion ideas.

B. Marine Studies model building

The Building and Resources Program built a model Marine Studies Centre at Benowa State High School in 1985, with S.T.E.P. and local community funds.

A trailer of boats, motors, snorkelling, navigating, marine communications and marine science equipment is housed at that centre which is shared with Keebra Park, Merrimac, Southport, Miami State High School 's, the local TAFE college and community. Keebra Park set up fishing, boating and marine communications units and Merrimac High, a "Surf Survival" and camping program. Equipment was shared on a ''User Hires" basis to generate funds to keep the program going.

C. Teacher development
A Teacher Development Progam was written to motivate and inspire teachers to begin a Marine Studies subject at their school.

The program had three intiatives:

(a) A State Association of Marine Educators to tap Q.U.I.N.S.E.C (Teacher Professional Development) funding and communicate with each other by a newsletter. Cost of membership was $12.00. Thanks to Scott McKenzie and later Ken Gilbert for unqualified support.

(b) A Regional Workshop, funded by the STEP program in November 1985, was held to explain curriculum materials and allow teachers to see the Benowa building and resources at first hand. Teachers from all other regions came and were also to network program ideas. Other workshops were held from Mackay June 4-5 and Gladstone, Townsville, Cairns, Bamaga and Thursday Island between October 10th and 29th.

(c) The program also hosted a gathering of Marine Educators from around Australia at Lennons Hotel on the Gold Coast from November 29th - December 2nd, 1985. At this workshop the foundations for Marine Education in this country were made and MESA was formed  

Support Material

Brisbane South and STAQ Marine Science and Studies notes.


Sample workbook
Specific objectives
Exam papers
Excursion ideas
School award samples
Block programs
TAFE Sec programs
Things for sale 

Letters releasing copyright to Bob Moffatt

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