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1985 BSMSP Fisheries biology

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ISBN : 0 9598303 9 1

Published Date : 01 March 1985

Product Code : 1985 BSMSP

Format : pdf file for download

The study of Fisheries Biology affords an  opportunity to study two syllabus topics of the Multistrand Science Syllabus

e.g. Science Technology and Society and Ecology.

 It is also an opportunity to trail ideas for the new Marine Studies SyllabusTopic 5. Marine technology and research 

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The author would like to thank the following individuals for their criticism, inspiration and advice in both editions:- David Kopelke, Greg Martin, Graham Mitchell, Steve Hall, Sue Oats, Meran Kilgour, Tony Failes, Ken Gilbert, Kelvin Rodgers, Jim Baker, Vera Weitsz, Sue Cerato, Stanna Hodge, John Howard, Dianne Hempenstall, Ann Kermy, Dennis Bridger, Bob McAllistar, Cecily Gredden, Mel Phillips, Bill Baumann, John McGregor, Ann Summers, John Howard, Ian Hodge, Sue Oats, Gill Green, Kel Rodgers, Carol Clavery, Jill Green, Tony Failes, Steve Savvakis, Rob Heaney, Dave Read, Meran Kilgour, and especially the Brisbane College of Advanced Education lecturers David Tulip, Cam McRobbie, Jack Marsh, Keith Lucas and Cec Burr. 


  • Section 1: Plankton
  • Section 2: Nekton
  • Section 3: Benthos
  • Section 4: Fishing Methods
  • Section 5: Protected Species
  • Section 6: Fisheries Management