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School Boating Risk Assessment

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ISBN : 978-1-86283-116-2

Published Date : 23 October 2011

Product Code : F 73P

Format : Free PDF for download

Section 1 

This section outlines the risks for students engaged in the following practical boating training from their training manual  

The skill numbers refer to those in their workbook. After training, students complete a combination of skills to practice for their RMDL. 

The register for each skill is in the form of a three-column table as follows. 

Section 2

This Safety Management System (SMS) was developed to comply with Queensland law and National Standards. The owner and master must keep and maintain operating documents that serve as a Safety Management System for the vessel to assist with achieving their General Safety Obligation. 

This Safety Management System is a live and active document. It is the responsibility of the Master, Owner and Crew to ensure that it is kept up to date and is an accurate reflection of the vessel and its operation. 

As per the National Standards for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) Part E, Chapter 4, this SMS is designed as a tool to assist compliance with the NSCV and mandatory Occupational Health and Safety obligations.  

The objective of this SMS is to enhance the safe operation of the vessel and provide a safe working environment. All crew are expected to comply with safety and pollution prevention regulations and procedures at all times, and take the necessary precautions in the interests of human life, property and the environment. 

Section 3 Contains out of date sample documents which used to apply when Marine Safety Queensland issued restricted coxswains to school teachers.  

Teachers Information

Queensland teachers should check the following link to safety in small craft




Section 1: Risk assessment - methodology examples include fuelling, mounting an outboard motor, starting outboard motor etc

Section 2: Sample school SMS - Ship profile, record of forms and lines of responsibility, medical supplies, safety and emergency plans, maintenance and service records etc


Appendix - sample documents - Relevant Queensland legislation, application for equivalent solution example etc


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