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Mariners skills exercises

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ISBN : 978-1-86283-159-9

Published Date : 18 November 1995

Product Code : F 26P

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By MTAQ Teachers
Dave Claridge, Graham Anderton, Gwen Connolly, Sue Cerato, Len Couzins, Dave Dawson, Bob Critchley, Peter Hamlyn, Lindsay Holthouse, Tony Isaacson, Geoff Jensen, Phil King, Kym McKauge, Ken Maclean, John Maloney, Greg McGarvie, Mick O’Connor, Dave Oelreichs, Don Reid, Graham Rodgers, Mark Rickard, Pamela Rutledge, Kathy Steggles, John Smith, Jan Thornton, Tim Ryan, Alan Wolfe and John Wiley. 

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Section 1 Boating
Exercise 1 Boat parts
Exercise 2 Sailing terms
Exercise 3 EPIRBs
Exercise 4 Safety of boat and crew
Exercise 5 PFDs
Exercise 6 Flares
Exercise 7 Rules and regulations
Exercise 8 The skipper
Exercise 9 Fires and fire extinguishers
Exercise 10 Water ski signals
Exercise 11 Rope
Exercise 12 Bowlines
Exercise 13 Round turn and two half hitches
Exercise 14 Other knots
Exercise 15 Coiling and throwing rope
Exercise 16 Avoiding collisions
Exercise 17 Where to tie knots
Exercise 18 Parts of a larger yacht
Exercise 19 Glossary of sailing terms
Exercise 20 Materials used in boats
Exercise 21 Hull details
Exercise 22 At the dock
Exercise 23 Marine insurance and registration
Exercise 24 Beat the buzzer
Exercise 25 Trailers
Exercise 26 Trailer maintenance
Exercise 27 Buying a boat
Exercise 28 Boat show assignment and hull project
Exercise 29 Boat building assignment
Exercise 30 Navigation lights on a boat
Exercise 31 Marine batteries
Exercise 32 Larger vessel deckwork
Exercise 33 Revision test

Section 2 Outboards
Exercise 34 Major components
Exercise 35 Tools and their use
Exercise 36 Starting the motor
Exercise 37 Reading the manual
Exercise 38 Diagnosis and repair
Exercise 39 The cooling system
Exercise 40 Lubrication and maintenance
Exercise 41 Fuel systems
Exercise 42 Power units
Exercise 43 Revision test

Section 3 Small craft
Exercise 44 What to wear
Exercise 45 Working together
Exercise 46 Getting into and out of a small boat
Exercise 47 Safety equipment
Exercise 48 Rowing a boat
Exercise 49 Safety instructions
Exercise 50 Going out
Exercise 51 Underway
Exercise 52 Coming back to shore
Exercise 53 Mooring at a jetty
Exercise 54 Mooring to other places
Exercise 55 Leaving a jetty
Exercise 56 Preventing collisions at close quarters
Exercise 57 Planing your boat
Exercise 58 Crossing a wash and figure of eight
Exercise 59 Recovery of object from water
Exercise 60 Person overboard drill
Exercise 61 Anchoring
Exercise 62 The sailboard
Exercise 63 The Corsair
Exercise 64 Tacking and gybing
Exercise 65 The points of sail
Exercise 66 Capsize drill
Exercise 67 Launching a sailing boat
Exercise 68 Reefing the sails and motoring
Exercise 69 Towing
Exercise 70 Factors affecting handling
Exercise 71 Safe boating
Exercise 72 Revision test

Section 4 Tides and weather
Exercise 73 Tide types
Exercise 74 Tides
Exercise 75 Tide cycles
Exercise 76 Model for daily tides
Exercise 77 Rule of twelfths
Exercise 78 Bay of Fundy
Exercise 79 Tidal heights at secondary places
Exercise 80 Cloud types
Exercise 81 Synoptic chart interpretations
Exercise 82 Weather record
Exercise 83 Your weather map
Exercise 84 Weather map
Exercise 85 Records and extremes
Exercise 86 Wind speed and direction
Exercise 87 Rainfall
Exercise 88 Revision test

Section 5 Navigation
Exercise 89 Making a compass rose
Exercise 90 Hypothetical Bay
Exercise 91 Latitude, longitude and nautical miles
Exercise 92 Distance, speed and time
Exercise 93 Parallel rules, set squares and the compass rose
Exercise 94 Taking compass bearings
Exercise 95 Doing compass conversions
Exercise 96 Position fixing
Exercise 97 Laying off and Plotting
Exercise 98 Buoyage systems
Exercise 99 Your local chart
Exercise 100 Chart your school oval
Exercise 101 Your own chart
Exercise 102 A3 Chartwork
Exercise 103 Chart 5169 B
Exercise 104 Planning a trip
Exercise 105 Revision test

Section 6 Chartwork
Exercise 106 Latitude, longitude and bearings
Exercise 107 Compass error
Exercise 108 Position
Exercise 109 Coastal navigation
Exercise 110 Set and drift
Exercise 111 Running fix including set and drift
Exercise 112 Combined exercise

Section 7 Radio
Exercise 113 Make a reference card
Exercise 114 Parts of a radio
Exercise 115 Tuning a marine transceiver
Exercise 116 Connecting a 27 MHz marine transceiver to a battery
Exercise 117 Principles of transmission
Exercise 118 Sending a message
Exercise 119 Securite
Exercise 120 Pan Pan
Exercise 121 Mayday
Exercise 122 Mayday video
Exercise 123 Student radio log
Exercise 124 Simulation Mayday
Exercise 125 Checking and cleaning radio components
Exercise 126 Phonetic alphabet
Exercise 127 Revision sheet
Exercise 128 Revision test


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