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National powerboating worksheet answers

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ISBN : 978-1-86283-123-0

Published Date : 18 November 2014

Product Code : F32.1P

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Sugested Answers to

Worksheet 1 At the boat ramp
Worksheet 2 Boat parts and hull compliance
Worksheet 3 Engines and fuel
Worksheet 4 Berthing and steering
Worksheet 5 Pre-trip checklist
Worksheet 6 Routine maintenance
Worksheet 7 Check stability, stowage and fueling
Worksheet 8 Safety briefing, launch and retrieve a boat
Worksheet 9 Boating safety
Worksheet 10 Safety equipment
Worksheet 11 The boating rules
Worksheet 12 Navigation marks and signals
Worksheet 13 Lights, flags and rules
Worksheet 14 Passage planning
Worksheet 15 Weather and passage planning
Worksheet 16 Calculate a compass course
Worksheet 17 Tides and passage plans
Worksheet 18 Tides in secondary locations
Worksheet 19 The skipper's boating safety obligation
Worksheet 20 Complying with your state regulations
Worksheet 21 Your boat's compliance
Worksheet 22 Anchoring
Worksheet 23 Fire fighting
Worksheet 24 Deal with engine failure
Worksheet 25 Use a radio
Worksheet 26 Activate signalling devices
Worksheet 27 Capsized, flooded or grounded boat
Worksheet 28 Emergency planning
Worksheet 29 First aid and rescue
Worksheet 30 Handle adverse conditions

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