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Power boating workbook 1st Ed

This product is proudly Australian Made

ISBN : 078-1-86283-048-6

Published Date : 01 January 1999

Product Code : F 69P

Format : Free PDF for download

Written by Graham Rogers and Bob Moffatt. 

  • A vast improvement on earlier boating workbooks for schools.

Teachers Information

Written for the 1996 Queensland BSSS Boating syllabus topic 


Introduction - The skippers general safety obligations (GSO), risks with using boats

Chapter 1 Boat systems - Hulls, flotation, stability and freeboard etc

Chapter 2 Pre-trip checks & maintenance - Boat seaworthiness check, routine maintenance to ensure vessel seaworthiness, proper loading and stability checks etc

Chapter 3 Basic skills - Mount an outboard motor, launch and retrieve a boat, start and stop an outboard motor, depart a beach, return to a beach, drive a boat on the plane, depart from a dock, dock at a jetty, moor at a buoy

Chapter 4 Safety equipment - Life jackets/personal flotation devices (PFDs), EPIRB's, personal items etc

Chapter 5 The boating rules - International rules, buoyage system A etc

Chapter 6 Trip planning, main features of a weather chart, tides etc

Chapter 7 Regulations National standards and regulations, State regulations etc

Chapter 8 Emergencies, make an emergency stop, towing , anchoring, rescue a simulated man overboard, use a radio, deal with a capsize, flooding or grounding, capsized, flooded or grounded boat etc

Basic first aid etc


The publisher would like to thank the following for assistance in compiling this publication. 

  • Australian Communications Authority
  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority
  • Chubb Fire Extinguishers
  • John Wiley
  • Kelvin Rogers
  • Marine Teachers Association of Queensland
  • Matt Petersen
  • Mick O'Connor
  • Pains-Wessex Schermuly 
  • Queensland Transport - Maritime Division
  • Queensland National Parks and Wildlife
  • Sally Flynn
  • Seaworld Services
  • St Mary's College Maryborough
  • Students and staff of Benowa, Ballina, Clontarf Beach and Mackay State High Schools TAFE Publications NSW
  • Terry Fitzgerald
  • Tim Ryan
  • Trent Moffatt Designs
  • WaterWise Queensland

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