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F 74P WA Rec skippers boat exam tasks

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Published Date : 01 January 2009

Product Code : F 74P

Format : Zip files of WA skippers ticket tasks


In Western Australia a Recreational Skippers Ticket is required to operate power boats.  A theory and  practical test is conducted as part of the award of this ticket.

The videos in this download link to the National Power Boating workbook that were developed by Laurie Adams, Rod Martin, Grant Hunt and staff from the Marine Education Boatshed in WA.

In 2009, Bob visited the boatshed and incorporated the philosophy of the practical test in the National Powerboating Workbook.  A series of AYF observational checklistes were then added with the help of Grant Hunt.

In November that year, the Marine Teachers Association asked, and was granted permission, if it could have copies of these videos to form the basis of their Year 12 boating assessment for the QSA Marine Science Syllabus.  A CD was made and distributed for free to all members.  This has proved an invaluable resource for Queensland schools boating assessment.


TASK 2: Check the boat is secure & suitable for use

In the video Rod asks: “Please show me that your vessel is secure and your mooring lines and equipment are in good condition”. You should move around the vessel and point out the condition of the mooring lines and the soundness of the mooring apparatus.

Competency criteria

1. Berthing/mooring lines are in good condition.

2. Berthing/mooring cleats, bits, etc are sound and secure.

3. Vessel is secured using the lines and cleats.

Teachers Information


Wet Paper Publications would like to thank MTAQ (Ward Nicholas - President) and Department of Transport Western Australia Marine Education Boatshed and their staff in particular, Grant Hunt, Laurie Adams and Rod Martin, for their help in organising these for Queensland Teachers.

These videos are  specifically referred to in the workbook.

Support Material

National Powewrboating workbook and answers

MTAQ Newsletters Oct - December 2019

See below to download


Boat prac exam task

Operate the vessel safely 

Boat prac exam task

Check the boat is secure & suitable for use 

Boat prac exam task

Conduct a safety briefing 

Boat prac exam task

Motor prepared and started safely

Boat prac exam task

Skipper advises of voyage plan and logs on

Boat prac exam task

Safely depart a berth

Boat prac exam task

Safely retrieve a man overboard 

Boat prac exam task

Use a transit to steer a steady course 

Boat prac exam task

Perform a controlled stop at 5 knots 

Boat prac exam task

Vessel is secured beside a berth 

Boat prac exam task

Skipper logs off 

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