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The Barrier Reef World 1st Ed

This product is proudly Australian Made

ISBN : 0 9587840 1 9

Published Date : 01 June 1988

Product Code : F 54P 1988

Format : Free PDF for download

File size 19Mb

Following on from the draft book of 1987 in the archives, this book describes what we used to teach before we went on our reef trips from Benowa SHS.


Wet Paper Publications would like to thank the following for their assistance in the design  and trialling of this book: 

David Tulip, Jack Marsh, Jim Baker, Dennis Bridger, Brisbane CAE Kelvin Grove Campus, Bill Baumann, Steven Byers, Ann Byrnes, C.S.I.R.O., Carol Clavery, Neville Coleman, Cyril Connell, Department of Harbours and Marine, Tony Failes, Fabian Fay, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Jill Green, Al Greenfield, Steve Hall, Peter Harrison, Shirley Heaney, Rob Heaney, Staff Heaneys Printing Factory, Dianne Hempenstall, Stanna Hodge, John Howard, Ann Kenny, Maran Kilgour, Phil King, David Kopelke, Jack Marsh, Greg Martin, Steve McCabe, John McGregor, Julie McGregor, Barry McGuire, Graham Mitchell, Mark Moffatt, Greg Moffatt, Paula Moffatt, Thelma Moffatt, Trent Moffatt, Victor O'Keiffe, Tony O'Neill, Sue Oats, Jan Oliver, Kirk Petersen, Dave Reid, Kelvin Rodgers, Sea World, Students and Staff of Benowa State High School and Gladstone State High Schools, Ann Summers, Vera Weitsz and Word Works

Teachers Information

This booklet was written for the requirements of the

  • Senior Multistrand Science Syllabus topic, Ecology, Resource Management, Science for Recreation
  • NSW and Vic topics:• Ecology, Conservation and Management, Other Approved Studies.
  • It is also written for sections of Senior Geography, Junior Science, Geography or Social Studies, Physi­cal Education or School Enrichment Subject programmes. 

Support Material

Project Reef Ed 


Chapter 1 The architect of the reef

Chapter 2 How our reef was formed

Chapter 3 Tides and the reef

Chapter 4 Today's Reefs

Chapter 5 Classroom Projects

Chapter 6 Coral Islands

Chapter 7 Reef Management

This chapter looks at practical ways the reef can be managed by running a school reef trip.

Eg: Students used to have to crawl under spiders webs from their campsite to the beach.  

Appendixed materials 


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