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Reef Field Trip Students Booklet

This product is proudly Australian Made

ISBN : 186283 008 8

Published Date : 01 January 1989

Product Code : 1989 Wet Paper

Format : Free PDF for download

This was the book my students used when they went to on a reef trip.  Had to be filled in by second last day - if all correct and by an oral exam I was able to see if the work was their own, they got the last day off to absorb wonders of the reef.

The following content is in FIRST DRAFT - all comments welcome


 The author would like to thank the following individuals for their criticism, inspiration and advice in both editions:- David Kopelke, Greg Martin, Graham Mitchell, Steve Hall, Sue Oats, Meran Kilgour, Tony Failes, Ken Gilbert, Kelvin Rodgers, Jim Baker, Vera Weitsz, Sue Cerato, Stanna Hodge, John Howard, Dianne Hempenstall, Ann Kenny, Dennis Bridger, Bob McAllistar, Mel Phillips, Bill Baumann, John McGregor, Ann Summers, Mark Warne, John Howard, Ian Hodge, Sue Oats, Gill Green, Kel Rodgers, Carol Clavery, Jill Green, Tony Failes, Steve Savvakis, Rob Heaney, Dave Read, Meran Kilgour, and especially the troups at home, Thelma Moffatt, Greg Moffatt, Paula Moffatt, Mark Moffatt and Trent Moffatt.

Teachers Information

The booklet applies what was developed in Project Reef Ed as well as 10 years running reef trips with Year 12 students


Sound achievement

1. Write a conservation code consistent with the marine park rules 

2. Demonstrate  a knowledge of the zoning of the reef park by correctly obeying park rules 

3. Complete a first aid table from a group discussion 

4. Complete a worksheet on dangerous reef creatures and reef first aid  

5. Complete a low tide reef walk and answer a series of questions about reef animals 

6. Snorkel confidently at high tide close to the campsite 

7. Snorkel at low tide in a reef pool 

8. Feed some fish with bread describing some fish behaviour 

9. Walk around the cay describing differences from one side to the other in the daytime 

10. Walk around the cay at night describing differences from the day 

11. Find, observe and describe one association between animals or animals and plants 

12. Identify, recall and describe at least three plants, three fish and five invertebrates

13. Prepare and cook a camp meal including washing and tidying up afterwards 

14. Maintain a clean and hygenic campsite 

High achievement

15. Follow a friendly fish recording data about its movements underwater 

16. Participitate in a group manta tow and snorkel at high tide 

17. Make a successful study of a beach slope and plot its profile accurately 

18. Measure and plot a graph of beach sand grains comparing middle other side of cay beach 

Very High achievement

Complete four of the following REEF ED activities with less than 2 errors

22. Sediment rain 

23. Sand patterns and sediment structures 

24. Getting food

25. Pursuing a parrot fish

26. Cucumber count   

27.  Sea Cucumber habitats 

28. Goby and schrimp 

29. Clownfish and anemone   

30. Cleaner wrasse   

31. Map a bommie scuba project 

32. Recreational fishing and filleting 

33. Reef art 

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