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1989 GBRMPA Project Reef Ed

This product is proudly Australian Made

ISBN : 0642120404

Published Date : 01 November 1989

Product Code : 1988 GBRMPA

Format : Free PDF for download

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Acknowledgement is made of the Project Reef Ed team Ann Byrnes, Jan Oliver, Jack Marsh, Tony O'Neill, Bob Moffatt and Phil King as well as Kirk Petersen, Graham Morris and Lesley Murdoch from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

A full list is on page 5 of the book.

Teachers Information

Copyright GBRMPA 1988

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Wide range of multidisciplinary activities before, during and after a reef trip.

Have a look at the Benowa State High School Reef Field Trip Booklet to see how these have been adapted into a five day program to North West Island.


The natural world 


Activities 1-6

Sky, Ocean Atmosphere

Activities 7-17

Reef cay island structures

Activities 18-27

Life on the reef

Activities 28 - 78

Island life

Activities 79 - 96

The Human dimension

Reef as a human resource

Activities 97 - 101

Human impact

Activities 102 - 109

Human Well being

Activities 110 - 117

Creative response

Activities 118 - 124

Human perspectives and perceptions

Activities 125 - 141

Management and conservation

Activities 142 - 156

Scientific investigation

Activities 157 - 159

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