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Safe snorkelling worksheets Ebook

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ISBN : 978-1-86283-179-7

Published Date : 27 July 2023

Product Code : F78P

Format : Downloadable pdf lifetime licence

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Safe snorkelling worksheets Ebook

By Bob Moffatt
Wet Paper Publications

Terms and conditions

This is a downloadable pdf sold with a lifetime PAY ONLY ONCE licence where the school agrees to the following conditions.

  • The publisher and author/s of this pdf file grants to the school a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable right and licence to use, FOREVER, the content, exercises, lab and field work lesson notes within the school for educational purposes only.
  • The title to, and intellectual property in these online resources rests with the publisher's author, illustrators, photographers and design consultants and nothing in the agreement should be construed as transferring those rights to the school.
  • Payment for this licence shall not constitute ownership.
  • However if any of your teachers transfer to another school or a teacher visits your school and that school does not have a licence, we require is that the school without the licence buys one.
  • Also if your school IT department has adobe acrobat pro, the licence allows you to export the pdf to a power point and the content to be rearranged and reused as you like to suit your class environment.
  • However you MUST keep the attributions under the photographs and illustrations and if you use text, you MUST attribute the author.

Answer Ebook
$44 - lifetime, pay only once, pdf file of answers

Workbook outcomes
Here are the 140 plus outcomes that I've used to write the workbook.  You are free to copy and adapt these to adapt to your State Syllabus and create your own  lessons.

Click here to get a FREE pdf of the objectives.  

Sample pages

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Teachers Information

This set of worksheets are to be used with the 2023 Safe Snorkelling Workbook 2nd Edition.

Each section has objectives, and if you are studying at school, your teacher may put a different verb in.  

In addition, all the answers are referenced, so it’s just a matter of getting organised, looking them up from the page referenced  in the book opposite and writing them out.

Support Material

Answer Ebook  
$77 - lifetime, pay only once, pdf file of answers

Workbook outcomes
Here are the 140 plus outcomes used to write the workbook.  You are free to copy and adapt these to adapt to your State Syllabus and create your own  lessons.

Click here to get a FREE pdf of the objectives


There are six sections and 14 worksheets


A. Why study this workbook
B. About the questions

Section 1: Equipment selection

A. Advice
Masks, snorkels, fins, personal protection equipment, nderwater cameras and housings

B. Evaluate shark deterrent devices
Shark biology,  bands and shields

C. Spear fishing

D. Snorkelling PPE experiment

Worksheet 1: Equipment selection

Section 2: Snorkelling skills

A. Fitting your mask, snorkel and fins.
B. Water entries and exits
C. Finning and diving
D. Snorkel and mask clearing
E. Ditching a weight belt
F. Safety signals
G.Rescue methods.

Activity: Snorkelling certificate design

Worksheet 2: Skills knowledge

Section 3: Personal health risks

A. Definitions
Risk, hazard, preventative measure.

B. Determining levels of risk
Medium risk example - coral cut, high risk example - snorkelling platform

C. Situation awareness

D. Hazards and preventative measures

  •  Skin trauma
  •  Hyperthermia
  •  Heat loss
  •  Cramps
  •  Eye trauma
  •  Ear trauma
  •  Ear barotrauma
  •  Sinus barotrauma
  •  Seasickness
  •  Underlying health conditions.
  •  Drowning
  •  Stupidity

Worksheet 3: Risks, hazards and prevention
Worksheet 4: Sunburn, heat gain and loss
Worksheet 5: Eyes, ears and sinuses
Worksheet 6: Underlying health conditions


Section 4: Environmental hazards

A. Definitions

B. Risk levels change

C. Hazards and preventative measures
Boats and their operators, weather, tides and currents (strength and direction), entry and exit points, deep water free diving, sound, dangerous marine creatures

Worksheet 7: Environmental hazards

Section 5: Emergency planning
A: Evaluate snorkel trip planning
Determine ability to use equipment, evaluate the proposed site for hazards, evaluate emergency communication sites, evaluate groups medical conditions, evaluate weather and tides for safety, plan what to say in a safety brief

B: Stop the bleed
Coral cuts, lacerations, bleeding from the ear and nose, bleeding from big fish bites

C. Tropical and non-tropical stings

D: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Worksheet 8: Emergency planning,
Worksheet 9: Snorkelling first aid
Worksheet 10: Dangerous marine creatures
Worksheet 11: CPR

Section 6: Snorkelling science

A. Vision underwater

B. Respiration and SWB

Oxygen, normal dive, dive withg hyperventilation

C. Buoyancy and snorkelling

D. Archimedes principle

E. Effects of pressure

F. Boyle’s law

Worksheet 12: Your snorkelling eyes
Worksheet 13: Shallow water blackout
Worksheet 14: Buoyancy and snorkelling

Section 7: Project ideas

  •  Boyle’s law experiment
  •  Make a Cartesian diver
  •  Research life on a reef
  •  Spear fishing
  •  Ecotourism tour evaluation
  •  Analyse shark PPE
  •  Make an instructional video
  •  Research PPE
  •  Working in the industry
  •  Prepare a snorkelling weekend camp
  •  Lung capacity experiment
  •  Medical declaration

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