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Marine environment exercises

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ISBN : 978-1-86283-157-5

Published Date : 18 November 1995

Product Code : F 24P

Format : Free PDF for download

by Bob Moffatt and MTAQ marine teachers 1990 - 1998 

Consultants and contributors

Dave Claridge
Marine Education Consultant, Maryborough

Graham Anderton
South Fremantle Senior High School

Gwen Connolly
St. Augustine’s College, Cairns

Sue Cerato
Benowa State High School

Len Couzins
Benowa State High School

Peter Hamlyn
North Mackay State High School

Lindsay Holthouse
Senior Secondary Assessment Board, SA

Tony Isaacson
Hallett Cove High School, SA

Geoff Jensen
Innisfail State High School

Phil King
Coffs Harbour High School

Kym McKauge
Department of Primary Industries

Ken Maclean
Babinda State High School

John Maloney
St. Augustine’s College, Cairns

Greg McGarvie
Pioneer SHS College, Mackay

Mick O’Connor
Ballina State High School

Mark Rickard
Benowa State High School

Pamela Rutledge
St. Hilda’s School, Perth

Kathy Steggles
Whitsunday Anglican School, Mackay

John Smith
Environmental Education Consultant, SA

Jan Thornton
Sea World

Tim Ryan
Maryborough State High School

Alan Wolfe
South Fremantle Senior High School  

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Section 1 Non - living aspects of the sea

Exercise 1  Sea water salts

Exercise 2   Salinity

Exercise 3   Sea water density

Exercise 4  Waves

Exercise 5  Longshore drift

Exercise 6  Longshore drift field work

Exercise 7 Forces that cause ocean water to move

Exercise 8  Ocean Currents

Exercise 9  Currents around Australia and NZ

Exercise 10 Local currents

Exercise 11  Ocean shapes

Exercise 12  Hypothetical bay

Exercise 13  Hypothetical reef

Exercise 14   Beach formation and erosion processes

Exercise 15  Orbit fields

Exercise 16  Sand per cent composition

Exercise 17  Beach profiles 

Exercise 18 The active beach system

Exercise 19  Beach erosion mind mapping 

Exercise 20  DDT in the food chain

Exercise 21  Management of longshore drift

Exercise 22 St. Vincent Gulf 

Exercise 23  Practice essay on beach erosion

Exercise 24  Methods used to combat oil pollution

Exercise 25  Marine oil pollution

Exercise 26  Effect of oil on feathers

Exercise 27   Oil spill in Hypothetical Bay

Exercise 28  Point break

Exercise 29  Making a beach walkway

Exercise 30  Seawater test

Exercise 31  Beaches test

Section 2 Living components of the sea

Exercise 32 Key Terms

Exercise 33 Plankton of your local area

Exercise 34 Plankton three level guide

Exercise 35 Life cycles

Exercise 36 Associations

Exercise 37 Sponges

Exercise 38 Adaptations of plankton

Exercise 39 Anemones and corals

Exercise 40 Fish dissection

Exercise 41 Sharks and rays

Exercise 42 The importance of mangroves

Exercise 43 Seagrasses

Exercise 44 Mangrove transect

Exercise 45 Mangrove life cycles

Exercise 46 How to build and use a plankton net

Exercise 47 Sampling methods

Exercise 48 Osmosis

Exercise 49 Environmental effects of freshwater

Exercise 50 Rocky shore habitats

Exercise 51 Rocky shore life

Exercise 52 Looking at marine life

Exercise 53 Barnacles

Exercise 54 Gastropods

Exercise 55 Algae

Exercise 56 Corals

Exercise 57 Echinoderms

Exercise 58 Cephalopods

Exercise 59 Crabs

Exercise 60 Rocky shore ecosystem study

Exercise 61 Drawing food chains

Exercise 62 Marine ecosystems

Exercise 63 Adaptations

Exercise 64 Phytoplankton

Exercise 65 Seaweeds

Exercise 66  Adaptations of fish

Exercise 67  Streamlining

Exercise 68 Viscosity

Exercise 69 Buoyancy

Exercise 70 Density of sea water

Exercise 71 What makes adaptations necessary

Exercise 72 Comparing and contrasting mangroves and estuaries

Exercise 73 Sand dune plants

Exercise 74 Prawn dissection

Exercise 75 How to set up a marine aquarium

Exercise 76 Food chains

Exercise 77 Artemia life cycle

Exercise 78 Fibreglass fish

Exercise 79 Pressing seaweeds

Exercise 80 Turtles

Exercise 81 Sea birds

Exercise 82 Marine mammals

Exercise 83 Classification

Exercise 84 Fish classification

Exercise 85 Seaweed classification

Exercise 86  Underwater slate

Exercise 87 Nekton test

Exercise 88  Benthos test

Exercise 89  Research questions

Section 3 Commercial uses

Exercise 90  Abalone stock

Exercise 91  The Australian herring

Exercise 92  South east fishery

Exercise 93 Ecotourism

Exercise 94  Mariculture

Exercise 95 Aquaculture projects

Exercise 96 Shipping

Exercise 97  Ecotourism survey

Exercise 98  Is tourism good for the community?

Exercise 99  Ballast water problems

Exercise 100 Positive and negative effects

Exercise 101 Starfish pest study in Hypothetical Bay

Exercise 102 Marpol

Exercise 103 Master Mariners story

Exercise 104 At the fish shop

Exercise 105 Prawn fishery economics

Exercise 106 The Orange Roughy

Exercise 107 Adopt a ship

Exercise 108 Commercial fishing game

Exercise 109  What type of farm for me?

Exercise 110  Aquaculture Research

Exercise 111  Test

Section 4 Management and conservation

Exercise 112 Key Terms

Exercise 113 Attitudes and values

Exercise 114 Ecological sustainable development

Exercise 115  Sea rights - three level guide

Exercise 116 Territorial waters and eez

Exercise 117 Multiple Use

Exercise 118 Management strategies

Exercise 119 Why are MEPA's necessary?

Exercise 120 Trade waste

Exercise 121 Local management issues

Exercise 122 Adopt an NGO

Exercise 123 MESA Seaweek and Ocean Care Day

Exercise 124 Live fish exports

Exercise 125 Oil and gas

Exercise 126 Locations of Australian fisheries

Exercise 127 Conservation principles

Exercise 128 Riparian habitat assessment

Exercise 129 Water velocity in the catchment

Exercise 130 Sourcing litter pollution

Exercise 131 Conflicts

Exercise 132 Dilemma exercise

Exercise 133 Writing a newspaper article

Exercise 134 Future problem solving

Exercise 135 Venetian Island

Exercise 136 Tweed river walls

Exercise 137  Managers and user groups

Exercise 138 Management proposals

Exercise 139 Hypothetical bay 2010

Exercise 140 Controversy at Hypothetical Bay?

Exercise 141 Best environmental practices

Exercise 142 Problem solving

Exercise 143 Images essay

Exercise 144 Whale Bay game

Exercise 145 Traditional mana egement methods

Exercise 146 Drain stencilling

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