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2005 MTAQ Junior syllabus, workshop and history

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ISBN : 186283 087 8

Published Date : 23 September 2005

Product Code : 2005 F72P MTAQ

Format : pdf file for download

This syllabus was accredited by the Queensland Studies Authority (QSA) for the period 2006 to 2010. Accreditation meant that any school could offer this syllabus as stipulated by the syllabus owner.

In NSW a similar syllabus called MARINE AND AQUACULTURE TECHNOLOGY YEARS 7–10 SYLLABUS (2003)  is alive and well today.

10 years of hard work by MTAQ members 2000 - 2010 at the time, meant that

  • the content was suitable for the age level it was intended
  • schools had the resources to implement the program
  • MTAQ could leverage funds to establish its curriculum exchange
  • the QSA and later QCAA had fully trialled, peer reviewed and teachers supported content for their Marine and Aquatic Practices and Aquatics syllabi.

At the time the syllabus provided a framework for planning learning activities and assessment opportunities through which students have opportunities to demonstrate what they know, and can do with what they know, in the Coast and Marine Education syllabus subject area.

An accreditation register was available on the QSA's website, and 10 schools took up the courses they called "Junior Marine Studies"

The syllabus was developed by a team of teachers from MTAQ over 10 years, 3 conferences and six workshops - see the additional documents below.

In 2010 MTAQ won the prestigious  Doherty award for its work on the syllabus as well as promotion marine studies in Queensland.

All worksheets from the program were placed on the MTAQ curriculum exchange, but unfortunately have been lost with successive changes in executives over the years.

It is IMPORTANT NOT TO THROW OUT THE WORK OF FOUNDING MTAQ MEMBERS, but have an archive system that allows marine teachers for all time to look back and learn from the work of teachers past.

Teachers Information

This syllabus was the forerunner for marine and aquatic practices and later aquatic practices and is a credit to MATQ in the open and transparent way in which it was developed - see the additional documents below.

Queensland Premier thanks MTAQ for work in marine education

In December 2004, the then premier of Queensland Anna Bligh presented a series of awards to MTAQ members, sponsors and supporters in recognition for their dedicted work in promoting marine education in Queensland.

Support Material

You can read about the whole saga at the following links:


1. Practices and skills
This strand focuses on the practices, skills, management and safety aspects that allow people to participate in coastal and marine activities. The organisers for this strand are: Coast and marine activities - skills, equipment and services; management and safe practices

2. Industry
This strand focuses on industries that are related to coastal and marine environments. The organisers for this strand are: Coast and marine industries - properties of materials Coast and marine industries - operating procedures

3. Oceanography
This strand focuses on the physical and chemical interactions between the ocean and the coast. The organisers for this strand are:
Coast and marine environments - systems and research

4. Ecology
This strand focuses on the biological interactions that occur between the ocean and the coast. The organisers for this strand are:
Coast and marine environments - living things,  interactions and classification

5. Conservation
This strand focuses on the sustainability of coastal and marine systems. The organisers for this strand are: Coast and marine environments - user groups and  impacts and management 

Additional Documents

Syllabus power points

Syllabus report

Syllabus advertising flyer