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WaterWise Teacher's Guide

This product is proudly Australian Made

ISBN : 1 86283 036 3

Published Date : 01 March 1992

Product Code : F 61P 1992

Format : pdf file for download

 Teachers guide to the Waterwise student textbook


Part A Teaching notes for cutting and pasting

  • Objectives, did you know why we need to conserve water?
  • Water catchment areas
  • Our catchment area
  • Our dams
  • Why water needs to be purified
  • Water purification plants
  • Water supply and sewage
  • Why be WaterWise
  • The value of water, average water use
  • What Govemments do to conserve water
  • Research into water conservation
  • Water distribution and conservation
  • Domestic water use
  • Where water is used jn the house
  • Saving water in the house
  • Water conservation and showers
  • Water saving toilets
  • Saving water in the garden
  • Waste water
  • Treatment processes
  • Disposal of effluent
  • Pollution levels
  • Faecal coliforms and water
  • Storm water

Part B Classroom Activities

Upper Primary program

  • Overview
  • Lesson sequence Councillors visit
  • Worksheet Local Government The WaterWise Game Part A The WaterWise Game

Lower Secondary program

  • The effect of water saving devices ... Class discussion questions WaterWise activities

Upper Secondary

  • Lectures available
  • Excursions
  • Demonstrations and experiment  

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