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F 61P WaterWise Teacher's Guide

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ISBN : 1 86283 036 3

Published Date : 01 March 1992

Product Code : F 61P

Format : pdf file for download

 Teachers guide to the Waterwise student textbook


Part A Teaching notes for cutting and pasting

Objectives, did you know why we need to conserve water?
Water catchment areas
Our catchment area
Our dams
Why water needs to be purified
Water purification plants
Water supply and sewage
Why be WaterWise
The value of water, average water use
What Govemments do to conserve water
Research into water conservation
Water distribution and conservation
Domestic water use
Where water is used jn the house
Saving water in the house
Water conservation and showers
Water saving toilets
Saving water in the garden
Waste water
Treatment processes
Disposal of effluent
Pollution levels
Faecal coliforms and water
Storm water

Part B Classroom Activities

Upper Primary program
Lesson sequence Councillors visit
Worksheet Local Government The WaterWise Game Part A The WaterWise Game

Lower Secondary program

The effect of water saving devices ... Class discussion questions WaterWise activities

Upper Secondary

Lectures available
Demonstrations and experiment  

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