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Beaches worksheets

This product is proudly Australian Made

ISBN : None allocated

Published Date : 01 January 1990

Product Code : F 59P

Format : pdf file for download

The purpose was to get students thinking about their local beach, where the sand comes from, where it goes and if its loss is any problem to the community. 

 As well there was need to trial activities that would work in primary and secondary classrooms.

Teachers Information

Written as a precursor to the Coastal Studies unit.  We wanted to trial activities with local schools to see if they worked. 


Video resources and references

Pre-excursion activities

Answers to common beach questions

The active beach system
Longshore drift
Wave refraction
Training walls
Sand by-passing

Upper Primary/Lower Secondary Activities
Beach Words
Science Activities

Upper Secondary Projects
Boulder walls
Beach Breaks
Visible Beach Profile
Point Surf
Longshore Drift  

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