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1989 Classroom Nav 2nd Ed

This product is proudly Australian Made

ISBN : 0 958784 0 7

Published Date : 03 October 1989

Product Code : 1989 Wet Paper F 58P

Format : Free PDF for download

This booklet is written for the requirements of the 1990 Senior Marine Studies Syllabus topic, Navigation.

It was also used with the Multistrand Science Syllabus topic, Science for Recreation, and the NSW and Vic other approved subject syllabus topics.

Teachers of mathematics may also find it useful as an optional topic for basic geometry. It is also orientated towards the new South Pacific Marine Studies Syllabus. 

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Wet Paper Publications would like to thank the following for their assistance in the design  and trialling of this module: 

Allistar Martin, Thelma Moffatt, Bob McAllistar, David Kopelke, Dennis Bridger, Ann Kenny, Graham Mitchell, Greg Martin, Steve Hall, Sue Oats, Meran Kilgour, Tony Failes, Ken Gilbert, Kelvin Rodgers, Dave Read, Sue Cerato, Jim Baker, Cyril Connell, Marg Evans, Geoff Simkins, Graham McFee, Peter Stannard, Steve McCabe, David Gorwin, John Howard, Vera Weitsz, Rob Heaney and the students of Gladstone State High, Woodbridge Marine Studies Centre and Benowa State High Schools.  In particular, The Queensland Department of Harbours and Marine for allowing us to reproduce materials from their safety pamphlets, the Queensland Department of Education for the materials from their science source book, Plimar Compasses, Davis Instruments, the Brisbane Education Centre and the Darling Point Special School.


Chapter 1 An Introduction to Coastal Navigation 

Chapter 2 Navigation Instruments 

Chapter 3 Hypothetical Bay 

Chapter 4 Field Work 

Chapter 5 Out of the Classroom  

Chapter 6 The Small Ship's Forecast 

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