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Mangroves in Focus 2nd Edition

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ISBN : 978-1-86283-150-6

Published Date : 17 November 2004

Product Code : F 13P

Format : Free PDF for download

by Dave Claridge, John Burnett and Bob Moffatt 

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A 160 page information and project book updated for the 2013 Queensland Marine Science Sylabus 

Excellent projects for Marine Science Syllabus EMI's 

Innovative and engaging lab exercises 


Chapter 1 Classification and biodiversity

Classification systems


Variety and abundance of life

Lab exercise 1.1 Mangrove microbes

Lab exercise 1.2 Scat analysis

Project 1.1 Fish and mangroves

Project 1.2 Organisms that live in the mud

Project 1.3 Mangroves and plankton

Project 1.4 Mangrove identification

Project 1.5 Crab study

Project 1.6 Design a key

Chapter 2 Anatomy, physiology and adaptation

Anatomy and physiology



Lab exercise 2.1 Mangrove leaf sections

Lab exercise 2.2 Mangrove leaf epidermis

Lab exercise 2.3 Salt secretion

Lab exercise 2.4  Pneumatophore morphology

Lab exercise 2.5 Salt levels in leaves

Project 2.1 Seedlings and salinity

Project 2.2 Fruit germinating and salinity

Project 2.3 Leaf angles

Project 2.4 Width and length ratios

Project 2.5 Salt excretion rates

Chapter 3 Ecology and succession

Ecological succession

Field trip:  Mangrove adaptations and relationships

Lab exercise 3.1 Mud salinity

Lab exercise 3.2 Organic component of the mud

Lab exercise 3.3 Mud porosity and dissolved oxygen

Project 3.1 Mangrove productivity

Project 3.2 Ecological succession

Project 3.3  Investigating attaching organisms

Project 3.4 Mangrove leaf decomposition rates

Project 3.5 Mud saturation

Project 3.6 Pneumatophore distribution

Project 3.7 Leaf fall and biomass

Project 3.8 Mangrove snail and crab populations

Chapter 4 Conservation and sustainability

Economic value of mangroves

Threats to mangroves

Management issues

Lab exercise 4.1 Water quality and mangroves

Lab exercise 4.2 Growing mangroves

Lab exercise 4.3 Make your own insect repellent

Project 4.1 Marina development

Project 4.2 Effects of canals

Project 4.3  Organise a conservation role play

Project 4.4  Maine paints and marine organisms

Project 4.5  Attitudes and feelings poll

Appendix 1 Species descriptions

Acanthus  ilicifolius

Aegialitis  annulata

Aegiceras corniculatum

Avicennia marina

Bruguiera gymnorrhiza

Ceriops tagal

Cynometra iripa

Camptostemon schultzii

Excoecaria agallocha

Heritiera littoralis

Hibiscus tiliaceus

Lumnitzera  racemosa

Nypa  fruticans

Osbornia  octodonta

Pemphis acidula

Rhizophora stylosa

Scyphiphora hydrophylacea

Sonneratia alba

Xylocarpus mekongensis

Acrostichum  speciosum

Allocasuarina  glauca

Amyema cambagei

Amyema  mackayense

Drynaria rigidula

Derris  trifoliata

Enchylaena tomentosa

Microsorium punctatum

Pallandsia  usniodea

Ramalina species

Suaeda arbusculoides

Suaeda australis

Sarcocornia quinqueflora

Sesuvium portulacastrum

Sporobolus virginicus

Thespesia  populnea

Appendix 2


Bibliography (1992)

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