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Navigation workbook 2nd Ed Ebook

This product is proudly Australian Made

ISBN : 978-1-86283-143-8

Published Date : 27 March 2014

Product Code : F06P

Format : Downloadable pdf lifetime licence

Price: $110.00


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Teachers Information

This is a workbook for schools who are implementing the Queensland Studies Authority Aquatics syllabus.

It is NOT designed or recommended for TAFE navigation or commercial courses

If you are using this book you need to download the following chart


Section 1 Introduction

Knowledge and experience

Fundamentals of navigation



Section 2 Pilotage

Cardinal marks

Isolated danger marks

Buoys, beacons and lighthouses

Special marks


Section 3 Navigation equipment

The magnetic compass

Use of the sextant

Chart room

The pelorus


The international date line


Section 4 Charts

The Earth


Latitude (Parallels)

Longitude (Meridians)

The mercator chart

An important chart feature - depth


Section 5 Chartwork

Nautical mile

Speed and distance

Plotting a course

Using parallel rules


Section 6 Magnetic effects

Variation  Deviation Total error

Magnetic polarity reversals

Compass conversions

The compass rose


Section 7 Charting your course

Lines of position - LOP's


Section 8 Position Fixing

Single bearing fix

A transit

True bearing fix

Other methods of fixing position

Set and drift terms

Dead reckoning      


Section 9 Radar and GPS


The Global Positioning System GPS

Waypoint navigation



Worksheet 1 Research and review

Worksheet 2 Library/internet research

Worksheet 3 Navigation markers

Worksheet 4 What day is it?

Worksheet 5  Magnetic fields

Worksheet 6 Using a hand bearing compass

Worksheet 7 Making a compass rose

Worksheet 8 Your local chart

Worksheet 9 Hypothetical Bay

Worksheet 10 Your own chart

Worksheet  11 Chart features

Worksheet  12 Latitude and longitude

Worksheet 13 Distance, speed and time

Worksheet 14 Compass conversions

Worksheet 15  LOP's

Worksheet 16 Compass courses

Worksheet 17 Chartwork

Worksheet 18 Position fixing

Worksheet 19 Laying off and plotting

Worksheet 20 Set and drift 

Worksheet 21 Choosing an objective

Worksheet 22 Where are we?

Worksheet 23 Rule of twelfths


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