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School reef trip camping suggestions

This product is proudly Australian Made

ISBN : None allocated

Published Date : 01 October 1990

Product Code : 1990 Wet Paper

Format : Free PDF for download

Describes how one school used to run a camping reef trip.  The booklet reproduces the original unedited school notes to give an idea of what was involved at that time.  For example, schools had to get permissions from their local Regional Directors before they could take students out of the region for school trips.

Teachers Information

This booklet was written for syllabus requirements 1984 Camping syllabus topic



  • Regional Director
  • Application for watercraft programme
  • Code of safety rules with boats Letters to staff
  • Addresses
  • Letter to parents
  • Acceptance by students

Home News Item

Aims, objectives


Shopping lists

  • Baker, fruit shop etc
  • Group rations
  • Menu and general cooking notes for breakfast lunches etc

Safety and first aid

Weekly programme

Things to do

Final information to students

Parents book

Information re dive courses

Camping equipment to take