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1985 BSMP Camping skills

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ISBN : 0 9589813 5 3

Published Date : 01 February 1985

Product Code : 1985 BSMSP

Format : pdf file for download

One of the best ways to study and understand the living environ­ment is to spend some time in it with the bare essentials to sur­vive. Apart from this, camping is one of the most inexpensive  recreations that a whole family can enjoy and is certainly one of the most healthiest. Camping also encourages the development of personal attitudes that are very difficult to pursue in the class­room and helps point out to students how to become more self  reliant and gain self confidence. 

As a result of studying this unit the student should be able to 

  • gain more self confidence in the natural world
  • learn new cooking skills
  • become more able to look after himself and less reliant on others
  • gain a knowledge of how science relates to various aspects of camping
  • live in cheat accommodation 
  • cook cheap yet nutritious food
  • survive in the bush safely
  • demonstrate some new outdoor skills by canoeing, snorkeling
  • demonstrate a sensible and safe attitude towards the outdoors
  • demonstrate a well thoughtout conservation code.

Teachers Information

This unit is compatable with the Board of Secondary School Studies Multistrand Science Syllabus Topic Science for Recreation. It also could be used as an alternative course for non-tertiary bound stud­ents. It was designed so that parts of it could be used to teach students camp craft skills prior to a Field Trip. e.g. you may decide to do sections 3 and 4 only for this purpose. As it is a draft the author would welcome comments 


Why study this unit
General objectives and assessment'
Camping certificate

  • Section 1 Types of camping
  • Section. 2 Camping equipment
  • Section 3 Camp craft skills
  • Section 4 Practical camping