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1983 STAQ Coastal physics

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ISBN : 0 9598303 8 3

Published Date : 01 July 1983

Product Code : 1983 STAQ

Format : Free PDF for download

Teachers Information

Wet Paper Publications would like to thank the following for their assistance in the design  and trialling of this module: 

Thanks Merran Kilgour for teaching this one with me.


Waves, currents and beaches

Wave formation
Breaking waves
Wave reflection and refraction
Beach currents
Point diffraction
Wave set up and set down
Longshore currents
Depositional landforms from longshore currents
How Man interfere with longshore currents
Beach erosion
Classroom experiments waves, refraction, currents and groins


The importance of tides
Sun, Earth Moon systems
The Moon's orbit
Rotation fo the Moon
Gravitation and tides
Daily tides
Spring and Need tides
River tides
Investigations - Plotting the tide and Tide Models by FUSE

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