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The WaterWise School

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ISBN : 1-86283-045-2

Published Date : 01 October 1998

Product Code : F 67P 1998

Format : Free PDF for download

Describes our project with Merrimac SHS and Geography teacher Carol Black, supported by GC Water and WaterWise Qld.

Groundbreaking project for its time - Winner of Banksia Award for excellence in Enviro Ed in 1999. 

Thanks to Sally McKinnon for developing the award submission.

Teachers Information

Describes our project with Merrimac SHS and Geography teacher Carol Black and the types of retrofitting (putting in water saving appliances) went in.

Its use is to inspire schools to make a collaborative effort to save water and work with local plumbers to achieve saving measures.

Support Material

WaterWise Students textbook and Teachers Guide



Executive summary  

Why be WaterWise? 

Aims of the project 

Research methodology  

Results of the project 

Discussion of results 

School-based management meets user pays pricing Start a water conservation program in your school  Putting it into practice 

Involve your whole school  

Water audit options  

Water conservation audit reports 

WaterWise best practice guidelines for schools WaterWise work practices in your school  

Working with the media 

Success factors of the model school project Troubleshooting  

WaterWise at a school design stage  

Educational outcomes for Merrimac State High School How to use this book as a classroom resource  Contacts  


Appendix A Equipment specifications 

Appendix B Joint venturing 

Appendix C Wastewater reuse in schools 

Appendix D Glossary of terms 

Appendix E  Map of Merrimac School