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AUSMEPA kids and water project book

This product is proudly Australian Made

ISBN : To be advised

Published Date : 01 January 2002

Product Code : F 40P 2002

Format : Free PDF for download


Launched in July 2000, the Australian Marine Environment Protection 

Association (AUSMEPA) is a voluntary organisation, whose goals are to inspire students of all ages to engage in activities that will protect the world.  

About the Kids and Water project

This national marine education program project was launched in October 2000 as a joint venure between Wet Paper, The Gould League and ANSBEG (The Australian and New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group).

Kids and Water resource materials actively engage children with the aid of big books, audio tapes and graded readers. Over 170 classroom activities have been developed by leading Australian marine curriculum writers from the six key learning areas of the Australian National 


Curriculum standards framework 

Early childhood is catered for with felt and magnetic characters  which come to life  in stories about sea safety and marine  conservation. 

This national marine education treasure is about marine safety and conservation! sponsored by Wet 

Paper Publications, the Gould League and the Australian and New Zealand Safe Education Boating Group. 



Introduction, membership and support


Set 1 Our beach - Their backyard

Set 2 Marine debris

Set 3 National competition

Set 4 Working at sea

Set 5 Mighty to microscopic



We'd like to join 

Certificates, felt characters, reward pack materials and original marketing