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Aquaculture school projects 2nd Edition

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ISBN : 978-1-86283-151-3

Published Date : 17 November 2004

Product Code : F 14P

Format : Free PDF for download

 About this book

The book was conceived by Mick O'Connor at Ballina SHS and supported by the Marine Teachers of Association of NSW and Lynda Hourigan.

After many drafts edited by Bob Moffatt and rephotographed by Mick and Lynda from 2004 - 2010, 500 copies of the book were finally published.

We ended up giving away 300 from 2015 - 2018, when the final copy was given away at an MTAQ conference, proving that its very difficult to recoup the time and expense for 10 years work and without government or sponsorship support resources like this never get off the ground.

Full credit must be given to Mick and Bob for seeing this one through.

The book has been used to generate many syllabus topics in NSW and Queensland and the ideas and concepts used by many schools for government grants.  At once school, Education Queensland purpose built a $250.000 aquaculture room as part of their new science wing and at another $500,000 was allocated to a aquaculture marine center.

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  • The title to, and intellectual property in these online resources rests with the publisher's author, illustrators, photographers and design consultants and nothing in the agreement should be construed as transferring those rights to the school.

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  • There are exemptions under the Act that allow educational and government use of text, images and music scores  for educational purposes.

  • These exemptions are in Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth),  where you are entitled to reproduce or communicate 10% of the words or one chapter from this file for educational use within your school. If you wish to reproduce or communicate MORE than 10% contact  the copyright owner. 

Specifically written for Queensland Marine Science  and NSW Marine and Aquaculture Technology Syllabus

Support Material

Text:  Marine Science for Australian Students




Project 1.1 Using poly pipe and fittings
Project 1.2 Making an air filter for algal cultures
Project 1.3 Making an algal growth container
Project 1.4 Making a light cupboard
Project 1.5 Making a small glass aquarium
Project 1.6 Making a plastic tub aquarium
Project 1.7 Making a crayfish tank
Project 1.8 Making a flow through crayfish tank
Project 1.9 Making an artemia hatchery
Project 1.10 Making a larger grow out tank


Project 2.1 Making a turbidity tube
Project 2.2 Testing water for turbidity
Project 2.3 Making a Secchi Disc
Project 2.4 Testing water for total dissolved solids
Project 2.5 Making a salinity hydrometer
Project 2.6 Testing water for Nitrates
Project 2.7 Testing water for Nitrites
Project 2.8 Testing water for Ammonia
Project 2.9 Testing water for Dissolved oxygen
Project 2.10 Testing water for pH
Project 2.11 Making a biofilter
Project 2.12 Making a sponge filter
Project 2.13 Making an undergravel filter
Project 2.14 Making an algal scrubber
Project 2.15 Making a water sampler
Project 2.16 Making a syphon
Project 3.1 What’s inside daphnia


Project 3.2 What’s inside rotifers
Project 3.3 What’s inside artemia
Project 3.4 External features of a fish
Project 3.5 Sea mullet dissection
Project 3.6 External features of a crayfish
Project 3.7 Making a fish measurer
Project 3.8 Making a crayfish restrainer
Project 3.9 Making a crayfish measurer
Project 3.10 Squid dissection
Project 3.11 Prawn dissection


Project 4.1 Growing algae
Project 4.2 Growing artemia
Project 4.3 Growing rotifers
Project 4.4 Growing daphnia
Project 4.5 Growing worms


Project 5.1 Determining the sex of Artemia
Project 5.2 Decapsulating artemia
Project 5.3 Hatching artemia
Project 5.4 Taking digital photographs
Project 5.5 Determining the sex of crayfish
Project 5.6 Breeding crayfish
Project 5.7 Hatching crayfish and caring for young
Project 5.8 Feeding algae to artemia
Project 5.9 Feeding Daphnia to livestock
Project 5.10 Feeding rotifers to livestock
Project 5.11 Feeding and health check tables
Project 5.12 Water quality monitoring tables




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