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Report writing guide

This product is proudly Australian Made

ISBN : None allocated

Published Date : 01 January 2003

Product Code : 2003 TAFE

Format : Free PDF for download

by Paula Moffatt B.A., Dip Teach., MBA 

Former Gold Coast Institute of TAFE

  • Former Associate Director Business Studies
  • Former Lecturer in Business Communications and Adminsitrtion 

Writing an effective report for work or study may seem a daunting task, whether it is a first attempt or not. Like any task you don't do regularly, it helps to have a format to follow. Check if your computer has a report template, or create your own! 

The headings and layout presented in this publication will help YOU stay on track.

  • This will mean that THOSE WHO READ YOUR REPORT should find it easy to follow the information you present and be impressed by your professional approach. 

Teachers Information

Written as a report writing guide for students in the Brisbane South TAFESEC program


Section 1: Key criteria that an effective report should meet

Section 2:  How to go about your report task and complete a professional effort every time

Section 3:  The required report format: what goes where ... page by page content notes as well as writing and presentation tips