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1999 MTAQ Marine Olympics Manual

This product is proudly Australian Made

ISBN : None allocated

Published Date : 23 October 1999

Product Code : F 70P 1999

Format : pdf file for download

Marine Teachers of Queensland publication in association with 

  • Queensland Transport 
  • Wet Paper Publishers and Consultants
  • Local sponsors too numerous to mention
  • Education Queensland 
  • Catholic Education System 
  • Association of Independent Schools 

Real life practical marine safety networking opportunities with local marine community.

Teachers Information

You need to get involved with a marine teachers association to make this work
No association - No practical days  

Initially written by 
Phil Smith, Bob Moffatt, Dave Olreichs and Jo Nettle Computer Disk by Dan Stewart 
Appendix by Phil Smith 
Members of MT AQ 
Queensland Transport 
Qld Ambulance 
Boating and Fisheries Patrol 
Queensland Transpont (Equipment and organisation) Marine Teachers Association of QLD Branches 

Alan Wolfe (Western Australia Marine Teachers Association) Queensland Transport (Initial typing) 
Jo Nettle and Dave Oelreichs (Printing 2nd Edition) Bob Moffatt(Typesetting, photo scanning and design) 

First Edition December 1997 
Second Edition March 1999 

Dan StewartMTAQ South Coast  had it all put on disk, so this is his contribution


  • Event 1 RFD inflation display - To inflate a liferaft (RFD)
  • Event 2 PFD activity - To put on a life jacket, swim out to a life raft and get into the life raft
  • Event 3 Flare display- To let off smoke flares as shown in Figure 16.3. The flare display gives students a chance to let off a flare and to see the effects.
  • Event 4 Ambulance display - To see basic rescue equipment and meet an ambulance officer
  • Event 5 Radio operation demonstration - To see basic radio equipment as shown in Figure 17.1 and meet a marine radio operator
  • Event 6 Firefighting - To see basic firefighting equipment and have a go at putting out a fire
  • Event 7 Outrigger canoe race - To have some fun racing outrigger canoes as a team
  • Event 8 Personal water craft - To use personal water craft under supervision
  • Event 9 Driving skills - To drive a powerboat and carry out a series of manoeuvres as directed by the instructor
  • Event 10 Navigation Skills - To use compass and navigation skills as used in night navigation
  • Event 11 Life raft procedures - To capsize and right a life raft and climb aboard while wearing a life jacket
  • Event 12 Swamped dinghy - To capsize and right a dinghy
  • Event 13 Troubleshooting - To maintain an outboard motor and solve common running problems
  • Event 14 Iron mariner - To compete a course using physical skills necessary for marine safety
  • Event 15 Knot tying - To use knots and rope work useful in the marine environment