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F 35P Introduction to Marine Studies Teacher's Guide

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Published Date : 31 December 2014

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Answers to questions, suggest work programs, lab exercises and classroom activities as well as end of chapter tests and revision questions for the chapters as indicated by * below.  Unfortunately the authors of the other chapters retired before we could get any more work done.

  • Note that this publication is just an update on the 1999 Marine Teachers Friend with a rearrangement of chapters and the addition of new summary close answers.
  • You can copy out the text and paste into word, orjust print off the pages.

*Chapter 1 Water safety
*Chapter 2 First aid
*Chapter 3 Dangerous creatures
*Chapter 4 Maintaining equipment
*Chapter 5 Living in the sea
*Chapter 6 Sea water
*Chapter 7 Boating
*Chapter 8 Snorkelling
*Chapter 9 Fishing
Chapter 10 Making a surfboard
*Chapter 11 Aquariums
*Chapter 12 Underwater farming
Chapter 13 Crayfish
Chapter 14 Aquaculture farm designs
*Chapter 15 Food from the sea
*Chapter 16 Marine industries
*Chapter 17 Marine employment
*Chapter 18 Weather
*Chapter 19 Oceans
*Chapter 20 Coastlines and marine life
*Chapter 21 Estuaries and marine life
Chapter 22 Coastal engineering
*Chapter 23 Waves
*Chapter 24 Tides and currents
*Chapter 25 Small sea creatures
*Chapter 26 Animals without backbones
*Chapter 27 Marine vertebrates
*Chapter 28 Trashing the sea
*Chapter 29 Sea water quality
*Chapter 30 Saving the sea
*Chapter 31 Antarctica
*Chapter 32 Shipwrecks