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Aquaculture school projects

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ISBN : 978-1-86283-103-2

Published Date : 01 January 2010

Product Code : W101

Format : 120 page mono, 16 pages colour, perfect bound A4 workbook

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Written for the Aquaculture NSW and Qld syllabus topics

This workbook has 120 pages of projects and worksheets that teachers can use to introduce practical work into a school aquaculture unit.

Projects are constructed from simple, inexpensive materials available in any hardware store

There are 16 pages in full colour which show the projects and 104 pages of details in black and white.

Sample pages

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Teachers Information

Project book using simple inexpensive equipment

Based on the legendary work of Mick O'Connor Ballina SHS


Section 1 Making project equipment

Project 1.1 Using poly pipe and fittings

Project 1.2 Making an air filter for algal cultures

Project 1.3 Making an algal growth container

Project 1.4 Making a light cupboard

Project 1.5 Making a small glass aquarium

Project 1.6 Making a plastic tub aquarium

Project 1.7 Making a crayfish tank

Project 1.8 Making a flow through crayfish tank

Project 1.9 Making an artemia hatchery 

Project 1.10 Making a larger grow out tank

Section 2 Maintaining water quality

Project 2.1 Making a turbidity tube

Project 2.2 Testing water for turbidity

Project 2.3 Making a Secchi Disc

Project 2.4 Testing water for total dissolved solids

Project 2.5 Making a salinity hydrometer

Project 2.6 Testing water for Nitrates

Project 2.7 Testing water for Nitrites

Project 2.8 Testing water for Ammonia

Project 2.9 Testing water for Dissolved oxygen

Project 2.10 Testing water for pH

Project 2.11 Making a biofilter 

Project 2.12 Making a sponge filter

Project 2.13 Making an undergravel filter
Project 2.14 Making an algal scrubber 

Project 2.15 Making a water sampler 

Project 2.16 Making a syphon

Section 3 Livestock biology

Project 3.1 What’s inside daphnia

Project 3.2 What’s inside rotifers

Project 3.3 What’s inside artemia

Project 3.4 External features of a fish

Project 3.5 Sea mullet dissection 

Project 3.6 External features of a crayfish
Project 3.7 Making a fish measurer

Project 3.8 Making a crayfish restrainer

Project 3.9 Making a crayfish measurer

Project 3.10 Squid dissection

Project 3.11 Prawn dissection

Section 4 Growing food for Aquaculture

Project 4.1 Growing algae

Project 4.2 Growing artemia

Project 4.3 Growing rotifers 

Project 4.4 Growing daphnia

Project 4.5 Growing worms
Section 5 Breeding and feeding stock 

Project 5.1 Determining the sex of Artemia

Project 5.2 Decapsulating artemia

Project 5.3 Hatching artemia

Project 5.4 Taking digital photographs

Project 5.5 Determining the sex of crayfish

Project 5.6 Breeding crayfish

Project 5.7 Hatching crayfish and caring for young

Project 5.8 Feeding algae to artemia

Project 5.9 Feeding Daphnia to livestock

Project 5.10 Feeding rotifers to livestock

Project 5.11 Feeding and health check tables

Project 5.12 Water quality monitoring tables

Syllabus information (NSW)

Syllabus information (Qld)