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Figure 4.2 Navigation equipment on a chart table at the bridge
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Chart plotter
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Speed logs
Chart plotter
Navigation table and
Depth sounder
Navigation devices and
their use
A navigation device is a piece of equipment used to safely
move a vessel from place to place at sea.
Devices can include satellites in the air, radios and receivers
in base stations on land or form part of a system of devices,
power supplies and software packages that operate as one to
provide information to a ships master.
Theycanbe locatedonvarious parts of the shipandconnected
to alarm systems to indicate their failure or be located on
chart tables and be as simple a pencil, parallel ruler, chart,
watch and binocular set (as shown on this page).
These devices are connected from various places in the ship
creating a system that enables the ship's master to make safe
navigation decisions.
• For example to monitor the depth of water under a boat so
the boat does not run aground, a transducer, to collect
signals from the sea floor, is mounted on the hull with
cables running to a sounder mounted at the helm. A
marine grade battery, mounted in a well ventilated place
will power the device. Marine grade cables will connect
the devices.
• Procedures to ensure safe operation will include regular
inspections of cables, battery terminals and checking to
ensure the battery is fully charged.
Watch a video on an oil tankers ships bridge
Watch a simple chart plotter demo video
Figure 4.1 Chat plotter and GPS
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