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Snorkelling workbook 6th Edition HARD COPY

This product is proudly Australian Made

ISBN : 978-1-86283-1168-1

Published Date : 12 October 2016

Product Code : W102

Format : 80 page mono, wire bound A4 HARD COPY workbook

Price: $18.00


Suitable for Marine Science and Marine and Aquatic Practices Syllabi

Basic and complex worksheets

Fully illustrated text

Addresses WPH&S requirements

Suggested EMI Projects

Sample pages

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Teachers Information

New sections on physiology,  safety, rescue and risk assessment

Really good for students who want to get jobs as a snorkelling guide

Support Material

Answer book available

Workbook available on appliction to

Workbook links to Marine Biology Workbook for Semester unit: - Can we research the biodiversity of our local area?



Syllabus key concepts and objectives

Section 1: Physics and physiology

The eye
Worksheet 1 Snorkelling and the eye
Respiratory system
Worksheet 2 Respiration and snorkelling
How pressure affects the sinuses
Worksheet 3 The sinuses
Worksheet 4 Circulation and temperature control
Effects of pressure
Worksheet 5 Effects of pressure
Boyle’s law
Worksheet 6 Boyle’s law
The ear
Effect of pressure
Equalising your ears
Worksheet 7 Snorkelling and the ear
Sound underwater
Worksheet 8 Equalising your ears
Worksheet 9 Air and sound underwater
Worksheet 10 Buoyancy and snorkelling
The skin
Worksheet 11 Skin cancer

Section 2 Snorkelling equipment

Stinger suits
Wetsuits and rashies
Weight belts
Gloves and carry bags
Snorkelling vests
Specialized scientific gear
Worksheet 12 Equipment use
Worksheet 13 Equipment care
Worksheet 14 Aquatic materials and the sea

Section 3 Snorkelling practices

Fitting your mask and snorkel
Water entries
Worksheet 15 Getting into and out of the water
Worksheet 16 Finning
Worksheet 17 Duck diving
Worksheet 18 Clearing your mask
Clearing your snorkel
Worksheet 19 Clearing your snorkel

Section 4 Snorkelling first aid

The DRSABCD action plan
CPR notes
Recovery position
Changes to procedures
Worksheet 20 Water safety skills (DRSABCD)
Worksheet 21 What if?

Section 5 Dangerous marine creatures

Treatment of shock
Control of bleeding
Treatment for burns
Treatment for stonefish
Treatment for blue-ringed octopus and cone shells
Box jelly
Irukandji syndrome
Scorpion fish
Stinging hydroid
Treatment of stings
Sea urchins
Bristle worms
Fish poisoning
Treatment for cuts
Treatment for spines
Worksheet 22 Dangerous creature ID
Worksheet 23 First aid administration

Section 6 Risks, weather and safety

Hazards, risks and control measures
Worksheet 24 Reducing snorkelling risks
Worksheet 25 Safety considerations
Equipment care and maintenance
Emergency planning
Worksheet 26 Emergency planning
Worksheet 27 Pool science activities
Worksheet 28 Your research project risk assessment

Section 7 Action research projects

Plan a snorkelling transect
Design a snorkel safety booklet
Conduct an investigation 6 choices
How successful is snorkelling as an ecotourism venture?  

Section 8 Regulatory requirements

Regulatory requirements and procedures 
Medical declaration

Additional Documents

QSA WORD Syllabus Match - cut and paste

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