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National powerboating workbook 10 year school licence

This product is proudly Australian Made

ISBN : 978-1-86283-121-6

Published Date : 01 August 2022

Product Code : F30P

Format : 10 year school licence from date of purchase

Price: $660.00

On Sale: $550.00

by Bob Moffatt B.Sc., Dip Ed., Grad Dip Ed Admin.

Life member Marine Teachers Association of Queensland and Surfrider Foundation;  Co founder Marine Education in Australia 1973 - 2020

Licence conditions

School Ebook licence is for 10 years and only to the school for non commercial use.  No commercial printing allowed.  A separate file and answer book is available granting the school permission to print worksheets for 10 years.  No other use is permitted.

If a teacher transfers to another school and that school does not have a licence then that school has to buy one if the teacher wishes to teach from the Ebook. 

Free exam videos

In Western Australia a Recreational Skippers Ticket is required to operate power boats.  A theory and  practical test is conducted as part of the award of this ticket.

The videos in this download link used in the National Power Boating workbook,  were developed by Laurie Adams, Rod Martin, Grant Hunt and staff from the Marine Education Boatshed in WA.

Wet Paper gratefully acknowledges Marine Safety Western Australia for permission to make these freely available.

To download click on this link to read more.

Free exam papers

Free questions can be found in the following topics:

Topic 1: Boating and Pilotage
Topic 2: Navigation, Radio and Weather

Click here for a free download

Free risk assessment booklet

Download the free 2011 Risk Assessment booklet

A little out of date, but the risk assessment for the boating activities still good.

Written for  Yachting Australia and Queensland Safe Boating Syllabi

Answer book available

Individual Ebook copies

Single 18 month subscription available from Campion Education

For single copies click here

For multiple copies or any questions please email


Sample pages

Click here to download


The skipper's general safety obligations (GSO)
Risks with using boats
The trailer and boat ramp
Worksheet 1 At the boat ramp

Chapter 1 Boat systems
Stability and freeboard
Builder's plate and vessel carrying capacity
Boats and where they can go
Worksheet 2 Boat parts and hull compliance
Fuel and ignition
Steering and gears
Tilting the motor
Cooling and ventilation systems
Worksheet 3 Engines and fuel
Worksheet 4 Berthing and steering

Chapter 2 Pre-trip checks & maintenance
Boat seaworthiness check
Routine maintenance to ensure vessel seaworthiness
Proper loading and stability checks
Calculate how much fuel is required
Tell someone where you are going
Stow the gear
Check the weather
Housekeeping after every trip
Spare parts and tools
Trailer safety and maintenance
Worksheet 5 Pre-trip checklist
Worksheet 6 Routine maintenance
Worksheet 7 Check stability, stowage and fueling

Chapter 3 Basic skills
Mount an outboard motor
Conduct a safety briefing
Launch and retrieve a boat
Worksheet 8 Safety briefing, launch and retrieve a boat
Start and stop an outboard motor
Factors affecting manoeuvring
Depart a beach
Return to a beach
Drive a boat on the plane
Depart from a dock
Dock at a jetty
Moor at a buoy
Worksheet 9 Boating safety

Chapter 4 Safety equipment
Life jackets/personal flotation devices (PFDs)
Personal items
Fire fighting equipment
Signalling equipment
V sheet
Anchor, rope and chain
Pumping and bailing
Worksheet 10 Safety equipment

Chapter 5 The boating rules
International rules
Buoyage system A
Worksheet 11 The boating rules
Other navigation directives
Worksheet 12 Navigation marks and signals
Water skiing rules
Large ships in rivers and channels
Lights and vessel activities*
Flags in common use
Navigation at night and times of poor visibility
Boats at anchor
Sound signals
Worksheet 13 Lights, flags and rules

Chapter 6 Trip planning
Main features of a weather chart
Storm surges
Worksheet 14 Passage planning
GPS navigation system use and limitations
Worksheet 15 Weather and passage planning
Worksheet 16 Calculate a compass course
Worksheet 17 Tides and passage plans
Worksheet 18 Tides in secondary locations

Chapter 7 Regulations
National standards and regulations
Worksheet 19 The skipper's boating safety obligation
State regulations
Worksheet 20 Complying with your state regulations
Worksheet 21 Your boat's compliance

Chapter 8 Emergencies
Make an emergency stop
Rescue a simulated man overboard
Worksheet 22 Anchoring
Worksheet 23 Fire fighting
Fight a fire
Worksheet 24 Deal with engine failure
Deal with engine failure
Use a radio
Log on/off
Worksheet 25 Use a radio
Worksheet 26 Activate signalling devices
Deal with a capsize, flooding or grounding
Worksheet 27 Capsized, flooded or grounded boat
Basic first aid
Worksheet 28 Emergency planning
Worksheet 29 First aid and rescue
Worksheet 30 Handle adverse conditions

Chapter 9 Advanced skills
Handle adverse conditions
Cross a bar
School training record  

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