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F 47R Marine biology study guide

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ISBN : 978-1-186283-172-8

Published Date : 03 December 2018

Product Code : F 47R

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Teachers Information

 This is a read only pdf file of Marine Biology power points 37 - 69 so students can see your power point before you present it or have it for homework after your lesson.


Chapter 7 Biodiversity
Three diversity types
Ecosystem varieties.
Ecosystem connectivity implications
Diversity loss factors
Simpson’s diversity index
Apply biodiversity data.
Important ecosystem definitions

Chapter 8 Biotic components of marine ecosystems
Identify biotic components
Categorise biotic interactions
Classify trophic levels
Describe matter cycling
Recall population terms
Assess population data

Chapter 9 Abiotic components of the marine ecosystem
Abiotic limiting factors
Distinguish abiotic components
Important limiting factors
Assess tolerance limit data
Apply zonation concepts
Population dynamic investigation

Chapter 10 Adaptations and classification
Categorise animal groups
Classify adaptations
Describe adaptions role.

Chapter 11 Marine conservation
Species habitat preservation
Marine ecosystem values
Stakeholder roles
Stakeholder value systems
Marine ecosystem issues
Ecosystem health terms

Chapter 12 Resources and sustainable use
Precautionary principles
MPA designs
MPA planning
MPA evaluation

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