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F 23R Marine studies for Senior Students

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ISBN : 978-1-86283-156-8

Published Date : 17 November 2014

Product Code : F23R

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Teachers Information

This is the original book from which most of the marine education curriculum materials were born.

Quite an effort to find the data from my 1991 computer files, and it was also difficult to locate photos I took some 30 years ago, BUT its a record of what was my first book.  

There are original copies in the State library and in the national archives


Unit 1 Boating ashore and afloat
Chapter 1 Boats and equipment
Chapter 2 Outboard engines
Chapter 3 Small craft safety
Chapter 4 Navigation
Chapter 5 Small craft handling

Unit 2 Navigation and communication at sea
Chapter 6 Chart work
Chapter 7 Tides and weather
Chapter 8 Marine communications

Unit 3 Personal water skills and the marine environment
Chapter 9 Skindiving
Chapter 10 Managing marine accidents

Unit 4 Non living aspects of the marine environment
Chapter 11 Oceans
Chapter 12 Coastlines
Chapter 13 Sea water quality and pollution

Unit 5 Living aspects of the sea and commercial use
Chapter 14 Plankton
Chapter 15 Nekton
Chapter 16 Benthos
Chapter 17 Marine ecosystems
Chapter 18 Aquaculture

Unit 6 Management of the sea and coastal zone
Chapter 19 Management and conservation
Chapter 20 Whale bay

Resource and bibilography

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