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F 01P Marine Science 3rd Ed

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ISBN : 978-1-86283-167-4

Published Date : 01 January 2019

Product Code : F 01P

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3rd Edition NOW - FULL COLOUR

Suitable for students enrolled in year 11 or 12 wishing to study marine science at University or complete TAFE Marine Related competencies for example ecotourism or aquaculture

Support Material

Adam Richmond's suggested answers to the 22 chapters


Part A Oceanography

Chapter 1 Ocean and coastline formation
Chapter 2 Oceans and waves
Chapter 3 Currents and weather
Chapter 4 Coastlines
Chapter 5 Coastal engineering
Chapter 6 Seawater
Chapter 7 Marine pollution

Part B Marine biology
Chapter 8 Classification and marine biodiversity
Chapter 9 Marine plants (1)
Chapter 10 Marine plants (2)
Chapter 11 Marine invertebrates (1)
Chapter 12 Marine invertebrates (2)
Chapter 13 Marine vertebrates (1)
Chapter 14 Marine vertebrates (2)
Chapter 15 How they survive
Chapter 16 Ecosystems

Part C Management and conservation
Chapter 17 Problems in our seas
Chapter 18 Sustainable use of the sea
Chapter 19 Biodiversity and protecting marine life
Chapter 20 Fisheries biology
Chapter 21 Aquaculture
Chapter 22 Marine parks

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