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F46P DRAFT Year 11 Qld Oceanography revision sheets

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Published Date : 26 April 2018

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Section 01 Oceanography
T001 Bathymetric features
T002 Marine geology models
T003 Biogeochemical cycles

Section 02 Ocean currents
T004 Current driving forces
T005 Ocean water, heat and nutrient distribution
T006 Seawater properties
T007 Effects of temperature, density and salinity
T008 Oxygen minimum zone
T009 Deep ocean circulation

Section 03 Ocean conservation
T010 Argue ocean knowledge
T011 Exclusive economic zone

Section 04 Coastlines
T012 Shaping coastlines
T013 Tidal movements
T014 Sand movement
T015 Wave definitions
T016 Material movements
T017 Coastal erosion
T018 Weather patterns
T019 Wave formation
T020 Wave properties

Section 05 Coastal impacts
T021 Coastal engineering
T022 Longitudinal studies
T023 How organisms populate areas
T024 Population density data
T025 Types of pollution

Section 06 Coastal conservation and impacts
T026 Sustainable management
T027 Stakeholder education
T028 Pollution source comparisons
T029 Monitoring water pollution
T030 Biochemical oxygen demand
T031 BOD use in pollution
T032 Eutrophication
T033 Pollution practices
T034 Measuring pollution levels
T035 Bio-indicator examples
T036 Water quality testing

Section 07 Biodiversity
T37 Three diversity types
T38 Biodiversity
T39 Ecosystem varieties.
T40 Ecosystem connectivity implications
T41 Diversity loss factors
T42 Simpson’s diversity index
T43 Apply biodiversity data.
T44 Important ecosystem definitions

Section 08 Biotic components of marine ecosystems
T45 Identify biotic components
T46 Categorise biotic interactions
T47 Classify trophic levels
T48 Describe matter cycling
T49 Recall population terms
T50 Assess population data

Section 09 Abiotic components of the marine ecosystem
T51 Abiotic limiting factors
T52 Distinguish abiotic components
T53 Important limiting factors
T54 Assess tolerance limit data
T55 Apply zonation concepts
T56 Population dynamic investigation

Section 10 Adaptations and classification
T57 Categorise animal groups
T58 Classify adaptations
T59 Describe adaptions role.

Section 11 Marine conservation
T60 Species habitat preservation
T61 Marine ecosystem values
T62 Stakeholder roles
T63 Stakeholder value systems
T64 Marine ecosystem issues
T65 Ecosystem health terms

Section 12 Resources and sustainable use
T66 Precautionary principles
T67 MPA designs
T68 MPA planning
T69 MPA evaluation