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F45R Pilot Oceanography study guide

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ISBN : 978-1-86283-171-1

Published Date : 11 July 2018

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This is a pilot EDITED edition for $30 for 30 users.  Some worksheets and experiments will be added October - November.

 The final version will be available for students January 2019.

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Chapter 1 Oceanography
Bathymetric features
Marine geology models
Biogeochemical cycles

Chapter 2 Ocean currents
Current driving forces
Ocean water, heat and nutrient distribution
Seawater properties
Effects of temperature, density and salinity
Oxygen minimum zone
Deep ocean circulation

Chapter 3 Ocean conservation
Argue ocean knowledge
Exclusive economic zone

Chapter 4 Coastlines
Shaping coastlines
Tidal movements
Sand movement
Wave definitions
Material movements
Coastal erosion
Weather patterns
Wave formation
Wave properties

Chapter 5 Coastal impacts
 Coastal engineering
Longitudinal studies
How organisms populate areas
Population density data
Types of pollution

Chapter 6 Coastal conservation and impacts
Sustainable management
Stakeholder education
Pollution source comparisons
Monitoring water pollution
Biochemical oxygen demand
BOD use in pollution
Pollution practices
Measuring pollution levels
Bio-indicator examples
Water quality testing