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F 34R An Introduction to Marine Studies 2nd Edition

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ISBN : 978-1-86283-161-2

Published Date : 18 November 2014

Product Code : F34R

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Teachers Information

Easy to read with lots of colour pictures and illustrations
Engaging content for the average student
Summary close exercises for literacy development
Appendix has NSW Syllabus Match (see also sample pages)
Best selling marine education book for middle school students

Matches the
NSW Marine and maritime technolgy syllabus
Qld Marine and Aquatic Practices syllabus  


Ch 0 Introduction
Ch 1 Water safety
Ch 2 First aid
Ch 3 Dangerous creatures
Ch 4 Maintaining equipment
Ch 5 Living in the sea
Ch 6 Seawater
Ch 7 Boating
Ch 8 Snorkelling
Ch 9 Fishing
Ch 10 Making a surfboard
Ch 11 Aquariums
Ch 12 Underwater farming
Ch 13 Crayfish
Ch 14 Design systems in aquaculture
Ch 15 Food from the sea
Ch 16 Marine industries
Ch 17 Marine employment
Ch 18 Weather
Ch 19 Oceans
Ch 20 Coastlines and marine life
Ch 21 Estuaries and marine life
Ch 22 Small sea creatures
Ch 23 Waves
Ch 24 Tides and currents
Ch 25 Small sea creatures
Ch 26 Animals without backbones
Ch 27 Marine vertebrates
Ch 28 Trashing the sea
Ch 29 Sea water quality
Ch 30 Saving the sea
Ch 31 Antarctica
Ch 32 Shipwrecks
Appendix (has aquaculture projects)

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