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F 17P Snorkelling worksheets

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ISBN : 978-1-86283-131-5

Published Date : 22 October 2014

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26 printable worksheets as described in the Snorkelling flipbook. Written to national curiculum standards. Assess the major elements in QSA marine skills syllabus topics 1.1-1.5, 2.2 - 2.3 

Worksheet 1 Snorkelling and the eye
Worksheet 2 Respiration and snorkelling
Worksheet 3 The sinuses.
Worksheet 4 Circulation and temperature control
Worksheet 5 Effects of pressure
Worksheet 6 Boyle’s law
Worksheet 7 Snorkelling and the ear
Worksheet 8 Pressure and sound
Worksheet 9 Buoyancy and snorkelling
Worksheet 10 Skin cancer
Worksheet 11 Equipment use
Worksheet 12 Equipment care
Worksheet 13 Aquatic materials and the sea
Worksheet 14 Entry and exit
Worksheet 15 Finning
Worksheet 16 Duck diving
Worksheet 17 Clearing your mask and snorkel
Worksheet 18 Water safety skills (DRSABCD)
Worksheet 19 What if?
Worksheet 20 Dangerous creature ID
Worksheet 21 Snorkelling first aid
Worksheet 22 Reducing snorkelling risks
Worksheet 23 Safety considerations
Worksheet 24 Emergency planning
Worksheet 25 Research project risk assessment
Worksheet 26 Pool science activities
Medical declaration
Snorkelling suggested competencies  

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