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ONLINE Flipbooks!

09 February 2019


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Power point and study guides

19 September 2018


Resources match the Queensland Marine Science Syllabus (see syllabus match below) F 45R Oceanography Study Guide - the same as the powerpoints Section ...


Power point and study guides

19 September 18

Resources match the Queensland Marine Science Syllabus (see syllabus match below)

F 45R Oceanography Study Guide - the same as the powerpoints

Section 01: Oceanography (3 topics) Bathymetric features, marine geology models, biogeochemical cycles

Section  02: Ocean currents   (6 topics) Current driving forces, heat nutrient distribution, properties of seawater, effects of temperature, salinity and denisty, oxygen minimum zone, deep ocean circulation

Section  03: Ocean conservation (2 topics) Limits of ocean knowledge, exclusive economic zone

Section  04: Coastlines (9 topics) Shaping coastlines, tidal movements, sand movement, wave definitions, material movements, coastal erosion, weather patterns, wave formation, wave properties

Section  05: Coastal impacts (5 topics) Coastal impacts, coastal engineering, longitudinal studies, how organisms populate areas, population density data, coastal pollution

Section  06 Coastal conservation and monitoring impacts (11 topics) Stakeholder education, pollution sources, monitoring water pollution, biochemical oxygen demand, BOD use in pollution, eutrophication, pollution practices, measuring pollution levels, bio-indicator examples, water quality testing

F 46PP Oceanography power points (see my conference presentation below)

F 47R Marine Biology study guide  - the same as the powerpoints

Section  07: Biodiversity (8 topics) Three diversity types, biodiversity characteristics, ecosystem varieties, ecosystem connectivity implications, diversity loss factors, simpson’s diversity index, apply biodiversity data, important ecosystem definitions

Section  08: Biotic components of marine ecosystems (6 topics) Identify biotic components, categorise biotic interactions, classify trophic levels, describe matter cycling, recall population terms, assess population data

Section  09: Abiotic components of the marine ecosystem (6 topics) Abiotic limiting factors, distinguish abiotic components, important limiting factors, assess tolerance limit data, apply zonation concepts, population dynamic investigation

Section  10: Adaptations and classification (3 topics) Categorise animal groups, classify adaptations, describe adaptions role

Section  11: Marine conservation (6 topics) Species habitat preservation, marine ecosystem values, stakeholder roles, stakeholder value systems, marine ecosystem issues, ecosystem health terms

Section  12 Resources and sustainable use (4 topics) Precautionary principles, MPA designs, MPA planning, MPA evaluation

 F 48PP Marine biology power points   (see my conference presentation below)



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