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PK3: Kids and Water Level 3 zip folder

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ISBN : Various - see original books

Published Date : 14 March 2015

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Book 7 Tourists and the Sea Pdf - What tourists and their families do when they go on holidays.

Book 8 All kinds of boats Pdf - Bulk carriers, ferries, jet skis, yachts, oil tankers, cruise liners.

Book 9 Rock Pool Life Pdf - Animals and plants that live in rock pools. Includes safety and conservation issues.

Book 10 Creatures of the Deep Pdf - Amazing illustrations of deep sea animals.

Book 11 Shipwrecks Pdf - What are shipwrecks, how they happen, what treasures they contain and how they are conserved?

Book 12 Our Day on a Research Boat Pdf - Students meet the crew of a research ship who talk about safety and conservation.


One pdf file 64 page Teacher
Resource Book with 48 classroom activities. Each activity has learning outcomes specified.  

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Book 07 Tourists and the sea pdf

Book 08 All kinds of boats pdf

Book 09 Rock pool life pdf

Book 10 Deep sea creatures pdf

Book 11 Shipwrtecks pdf

Book 12 Our day on a research boat pdf

Book 21 Teacher Resources Book Level 3

Poster set pdf

Reading recovery levels pdf