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F 08P Navigation worksheet answers

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ISBN : 978-1-86283-145-2

Published Date : 16 November 2014

Product Code : F08P

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Worksheet answers to the 2nd edition of Navigation Workbook


Except as permitted by the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), you may not reproduce any of the contents of this publication, without the written permission of the copyright owner. 

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Worksheet 1 Research and review
Worksheet 2 Library/internet research
Worksheet 3 Questions
Worksheet 4 What day is it?
Worksheet 5 Magnetic fields
Worksheet 6 Using a hand bearing compass
Worksheet 7 Making a compass rose
Worksheet 8 Your local chart
Worksheet 9 Hypothetical Bay
Worksheet 10 Your own chart
Worksheet 11 Chart features
Worksheet 12 Latitude, longitude, nautical miles
Worksheet 13 Distance, speed and time
Worksheet 14 Compass conversions
Worksheet 15 LOP’s
Worksheet 16 Compass courses
Worksheet 17 Chartwork
Worksheet 18 Position fixing
Worksheet 19 Laying off and plotting
Worksheet 20 Set and drift
Worksheet 21 Choosing an objective
Worksheet 22 Where are we?
Worksheet 23 Rule of twelfths  

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