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The Wet Paper S.T.E.P. project 2017 - 2021

22 March 2018


S.T.E.P - Syllabus Topic Elaborations and Powerpoints  Background The QCAA 2019 Marine Science Syllabus has 4 units called Oceanography, Marine biology, Marine ...

ONLINE Flipbooks!

11 December 2017


Dear customer If you want instructions on how to print a "Printable Flipbook" to your computer - click on the link ...


04 August 2017


Available now 1. Many schools find that reading our flip books on line difficult due to poor internet speeds. 2. A solution ...


ONLINE Flipbooks!

11 December 17

Dear customer

If you want instructions on how to print a "Printable Flipbook" to your computer - click on the link below§ion=print


If you want to buy a SINGLE COPY,  go to the Campion Education E store

Campion education click here 


If you want to buy a class set of READ OFFLINE books using a booksellers app, please view the "READ OFFLINE Ebook " article on the left


If you want information on what we have done with our old marine studies books, please read on

To keep up with the digital book revolution, we have reconfigured our hard copy books into "read only" and "printable" electronic flipbook books.  The flipbooks are read from our web site using adobe flash.  A publication key is required. (Note: This year we will convert to HTML)

Flipbooks are formatted as "read only" or "printable" and are rented for 14 months on computers, smart phones, tablets or laptops provided a reliable internet connection is available.

Flipbooks are activated in an account with a publication key.

We call the person who first registers that key, the initial account holder, and we will only correspond with this person. The school is responsible for ALL other computer issues.

The 14 month activation period begins when the initial account holder registers the key.
Expiry notice emails are sent out one month, one week and one day prior to expiry. If a renewal payment is not received, they are removed from your account.

Our policy is that you use your school credit card to buy flipbooks from our website.
After payment is made we will send you an email with a publication key and registration instructions. This email will also contain a paid tax invoice.

Finally, if our Flipbooks don’t work, we will refund your money. 

Steps to Activate / Use Key

Our read only Flipbooks are sold in sets of 30. The initial account holder registers the key and then allocates that key to 29 users.

The 29 users individually set up accounts whose emails are linked to the initial account holder’s email.

This allows the initial account holder to monitor key use. If further users are required, the initial account holder can add users.

Users of read only flipbooks are only allowed to turn pages, search for words or phrases, create bookmarks and use a table of contents. No other use is permitted unless exempt under copyright legislation.

You can buy single copies or class sets for a higher price through booksellers. Insert link here.

Printable flipbooks - product code ends with a "P" 

Printable flipbooks have been designed to be used by the initial account holder as they contain student answers and worksheets.

There is a warning on our website that says we monitor the sales of these books, but there is no guarantee students will not buy these books. The only answers we sell are to textbook or worksheet questions. We do not supply answers to our exam question booklet.

After payment, and the key has been registered by the initial account holder, the book can be opened.

To print the book, you select the print icon and follow the instructions above.

You can also copy text into word processing programs or place the file on your school intranet.
After 14 months you will get an email asking if the school wishes to continue the rental agreement. If you do not wish to renew the rental period, we require you to stop using the files. 

Under no circumstances is the school to provide or on-sell either the Master or any reproductions of the Wet Paper resources to any third party. For example if a teacher transfers to anther school, the new school has to rent a book for their school.

Copyright on Printable Flipbooks

Except as permitted by the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), you may not reproduce any of the contents of this publication, without the written permission of the copyright owner.

Educational exemption

There are exemptions under the Act that allow educational and government use of text, images and music scores for educational purposes.
These exemptions are in Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), where you are entitled to reproduce or communicate 10% of the words or one chapter from this file for educational use within your school.

If you wish to reproduce or communicate MORE than 10% contact the copyright owner, to gain written permission. For more information, see and

Need Help?

If you experience any difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact Bob on 0418 769 790.


Bob and Paula Moffatt

Wet Paper Publications