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ONLINE Flipbooks!

11 October 2016


Dear customer If you want instructions on how to print a "Printable Flipbook" to your computer - click on the link ...


12 September 2016


Coming soon - September 2017 1. Many schools find that reading our flip books on line difficult due to poor internet ...


ONLINE Flipbooks!

11 October 16

Dear customer

If you want instructions on how to print a "Printable Flipbook" to your computer - click on the link below§ion=print


If you want to buy more expensive books that can be read "offline" using a booksellers app, please view the "READ OFFLINE Ebook " article on the left


If you want information on what we have done with our old marine studies books, please read on

To keep up with the digital book revolution, we have reconfigured our hard copy books into "read only" and "printable" electronic flipbook books.  The flipbooks are read from our web site using adobe flash.  A publication key is required. (Note: This year we will convert to HTML)

  • Read only flip books are purchased on a 14 month rental cycle from time of key activation 
    • to use the book an internet connection IS required
  • Printable flip books are printed to your computer as a pdf for your school to use
    • once the book is downloaded an internet connection IS NOT required
    • schools have 14 months to do this before the key expires
  • Schools buy a publication key and pay on line with their school credit card.
  • If you buy a flipbook and it does not work, we will give you your money back.

For current stock levels of  remaining hard copy tiles  - see the main page of this web site. 

In a read only flipbook (Code FR), 30 users are able to

  • zoom, bookmark sections of work, search for words
  • use table of contents
  • activate the book with a key for 14 months rental from date key activated
  • the teacher registers first so a log will indicate how many times students view the book
  • we are working towards turning our flipbooks into downloadable pdf files that can be rented 

In a printable flipbook (Code FP), one user - the class teacher is able to

  • use all the flipbook  features PLUS  you have 14 months to
  • print pages or download the entire document
  • copy text from the file and paste into word, one note etc..
  • NOTES:
    • The school owns the licence NOT the teacher.  An exemption can be given if the teacher personally pays for the book.  To get this exemption email bmoffatt@wetpaper for a personal licence.
    • After 14 months the book will be deleted from your account.  If you bought a FP book before 30 June 2017 your school has a lifetime licence to use the book otherwise to use the book for a further 14 months, you need to buy a new licence.  WHY?  Because the Government is going to water down the copyright laws reducing our income significantly.
    • If you change schools, the new school has to buy a new book licence

Copyright on Printable Flipbooks

Except as permitted by the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), you may not reproduce any of the contents of this publication, without the written permission of the copyright owner.

Educational exemption

There are exemptions under the Act that allow educational and government use of text, images and music scores for educational purposes.
These exemptions are in Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), where you are entitled to reproduce or communicate 10% of the words or one chapter from this file for educational use within your school.

If you wish to reproduce or communicate MORE than 10% contact the copyright owner, to gain written permission. For more information, see and

So why are we not reprinting our hard copy books?

Our bottom line is that if we cannot sell more than 500 books of a tiltle each year they become unviable.

  • The classic example is Marine Science where we printed 3000 in 2008 and took 6 years to sell them.  It's just not viable to reprint after paying off printing, storage, pestproofing and insurance on the yearly sale of such small quantity of books.   
  • So to keep the title alive, it's better now to make it into a digital version where ongoing publication costs are restricted to the costs of running a web site.

Steps to Activate / Use Key

Each product has a separate key. To use these keys, please follow these steps:

1. You need to create an account so our website can recognise you.  (creating an account is free). Alternately if you have already created an account, just login.
2. Once logged in: enter the key you have purchased into the heading "Add a publication to your account"
3. Once your key has been activated, you can use the book.

Read only flipbooks - product code ends with a "R"

Read only flipbooks are sold with a 14 month subscription key for 30 users that expires 14 months after activation.
The flipbook requires an internet connection and is read from our web site so our authors can receive royalties for their wonderful creativity of Australian content.
Each flipbook has a separate key for 30 users (please see below table). You can allocate these keys as you like, but it is suggested that each class has a separate key and each teacher has a separate account.

Printable flipbooks - product code ends with a "P"

Printable flipbooks are PDF files of a selected range of our "out of print hard copy books" and are sold with a key for 1 user, (the classroom teacher).
Once the key has been activated the user has 14 months to either print the book, copy the text into word or distribute its pdf file according to the education "fair dealing" copyright rules for schools.
This means the teacher can distribute, print or place on the school intranet 10% of the file for use by students at any one time. For further information go to 

Need Help?

If you experience any difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact Bob on 0418 769 790.


Bob and Paula Moffatt

Wet Paper Publications